No! The award-winning PoolSkim attaches to a 1-1/2 inch threaded return jet located on the side of your pool (where the water flows back in to your pool). The operation of the patented PoolSkim is based upon a fluid dynamic principle using the water returning to the pool that creates a vortex that draws all floating debris into the floating hat and collected in the nylon mesh clip-on bag.

On our installation page, we post where additional adapters can be obtained that will connect to the PoolSkim for unthreaded returns jets and non-standard return jets.

The PoolSkim includes both male and female adapters inserts. You will use just one that connects to a 1-1/2 inch threaded return jet.

Here is the list — you may not need all of them to install the PoolSkim.

            (1) Body

            (2) Floating Hat with Rlue Ring

            (3) 2 90° Elbows

            (4) 1 45° Elbow

            (5) 1 7″ PVC Pipe

            (6) 1 Stub ( for Elbow connection), 1 O-Ring & 1Connecting Ring Nut — all 3 form the “Union”

            (7) 1 1-1/2 Inch Female Adapter Insert

            (8) 1 1-1/2 Inch Male Adapter Insert

            (9) 4 Stainless Steel Screws, 1 Blue Bumper Pin, 2 Aimflow Plates and 1 Clip-on Bag

Yes. Installation videos (one from the manufacturer and one from a pool service owner) and step-by-step instructions to connect the PoolSkim are found on our installation page.

If you have several returns and the PoolSkim is not getting sufficient pressure to create an effective vortex, then you may need to reduce the flow on some of the returns. We include two aim flow plates with the PoolSkim, but we will send additional aim flow plates at no charge if you need them.

The nylon mesh bag will capture all types of debris — a tip to collect very tiny debris that may possibly go through the bag is to use an inexpensive knee high nylon stocking inside the clip-on bag. A fine-mesh insert bag is available for pools that primarily have tiny debris; click Replacement Bags.

It should last several years. The award-winning PoolSkim has proven itself with satisfied pool owners worldwide who commend its debris removal effectiveness, high-quality construction and durability; some owners have reported that they still have their original PoolSkim in operation after 8 years. The clip-on bag, made of durable mesh nylon, should last up to several seasons. Should you need additional parts or bags, go to our parts page.

Poolskim USA guarantees the following:

Returns within 30 days of delivery: a 100% refund, excluding return shipping, for a PoolSkim purchased directly from Poolskim USA. Upon receipt of the returned PoolSkim (undamaged and in like-new condition), the full purchase price will be immediately credited to your credit card or PayPal account. Immediate replacement, including free shipping, for any missing, broken, cracked or defective part within 30 days of delivery of the PoolSkim.


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I purchased a PoolSkim skimmer earlier this year and absolutely love it. It has essentially eliminated hours of hand skimming and made my pool debris free.
E.M. - North Carolina

I just received this product and installed it with no problems. I am amazed at how well it works. I have lots of grass and trees in my backyard and I get a lot of debris in the pool.
B.P. - Texas

Wow! I was always annoyed that the surface water was never “clean” enough for me. Now, our pool really sparkles! I am a huge fan of the PoolSkim and I highly recommend it.
M.A. - Canada