PoolSkim USA - Official Distributor
in the United States & Canada

PoolSkim USA - Official Distributor in the United States & Canada

The PoolSkim was invented in South Africa by George Danks and Henry Spradbury, winning a gold award of excellence at INPEX, the world’s largest invention show. Poolskim USA is the official United States distributor for the award-winning Poolskim. The PoolSkim strives to give families more leisure time together by taking care of the pool cleaning process that can take hours with other pool cleaners. We are proud that PoolSkim has been accepted worldwide.

How the Award-Winning
PoolSkim Works

The PoolSkim is an award-winning automatic pool skimmer that connects to a standard 1-1/2 inch threaded return jet located on the side of your pool. An additional Polaris adapter is available for purchase if your pool does not have a threaded return. By collecting surface debris before it arrives at the skimmer box, the PoolSkim reduces the workload of the filtration system, thereby increasing its lifespan. It also works in conjunction with all suction pool cleaners making them more efficient.


PoolSkim was designed to effectively remove debris from all areas of any size pool. Constructed of high-quality polyurethane and PVC pipe connectors, PoolSkim will last season after season, setting it apart from most automatic pool skimmers in both debris removal and durability.

Safe &

Cleaning Made
Simple & Easy

Self-Adjusts to
Water Level

Straight Forward Installation

Works With Other
Pool Cleaners
Reduces Work On
Filtration Systems


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I purchased a PoolSkim skimmer earlier this year and absolutely love it. It has essentially eliminated hours of hand skimming and made my pool debris free.
E.M. - North Carolina

I just received this product and installed it with no problems. I am amazed at how well it works. I have lots of grass and trees in my backyard and I get a lot of debris in the pool.
B.P. - Texas

Wow! I was always annoyed that the surface water was never “clean” enough for me. Now, our pool really sparkles! I am a huge fan of the PoolSkim and I highly recommend it.
M.A. - Canada