The PoolSkim is Your Answer for a Hassle-Free Pool

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      The Easy Way To Keep Your Pool Sparkling   

The PoolSkim is an award-winning automatic pool skimmer that connects to a standard 1&1/2 inch threaded return jet -- located on the side of your pool where the water flows back into the pool.  The PoolSkim uses the power of the water returning to the pool to create a venturi suction that draws all floating debris from the entire area of your pool -- even debris collected in dead spots.

Leaves, helicopters, grass clippings, hair, insects, bugs, spiders, pollen....even dust are drawn to the PoolSkim like a magnet and collected in a sturdy easy-to-use nylon mesh clip-on bag.

The patented design of the PoolSkim sets it apart from most automatic pool skimmers in both debris removal and durability. The PoolSkim effectively removes debris from all areas of any size pool, while improving circulation. Constructed of high-quality polyurethane and PVC pipe connectors, the PoolSkim will last season after season.

Do you want a first-rate automatic pool skimmer that (1) solves your pool debris problem and (2) gives you more leisure time to enjoy your pool? The PoolSkim is your answer to keep your pool clean and sparkling -- 24/7, season after season!

PoolSkim -- Your Answer for a Hassle-Free Pool!

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    Buy Now - $99.99, includes a clip-on bag     

                     Features and Benefits                        

  • Safe and Efficient -- Unlike most pool skimmers, the PoolSkim is not connected to your pump. The PoolSkim attaches to a  standard 1&1/2 inch threaded return jet located on the side of your pool -- where the water flows back into your pool. The jet of water going through the body of the PoolSkim creates an effective venturi that draws surface debris into the floating hat and collected in the clip-on bag.

  • Self-Adjusting to Water Level  -- The floating hat is self-adjusting so the PoolSkim always skims effectively -- even if heavy rain or evaporation alters the water level.

  • Cleaning Made Simple and Easy -- Instead of a messy basket to empty, the PoolSkim is provided with an easy to use, sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag. To clean, just clip it off, empty and clip it back on.

  • Flexibility -- Designed to suit above-ground, in-ground, concrete, vinyl or fiberglass swimming pools -- no portable or soft side pools.

  • Straight Forward Installation -- Attaches to a 1&1/2 inch threaded return jet located on the side of your pool  -- not your pump! No extra booster pump is required. The PoolSkim comes with fittings for easy installation in new or existing pools. Installation Video.

  • Works in Conjunction with Automatic Pool Cleaners -- The PoolSkim actually enhances the cleaners operation by skimming debris on top before it gets waterlogged and sinks to the bottom. Ideal for leafy pools!

  • Reduces Workload on Filtration System -- When a typical skimmer basket clogs, water to the pump is severely restricted and places extraordinary strain on the motor -- often leading to pump burnout and costly replacement expense. Because the PoolSkim is connected to the return jet, water flow to the pump is not restricted -- even when the clip-on bag is full.

  • Reduces Workload on YOU! -- No more wasted hours manually cleaning your pool with a pool net! No more frustration with inefficient pumps or skimmer baskets! Your time, especially your leisure time, is valuable -- don't waste it needlessly!

   Eliminate the time-consuming hassle of skimming your pool -- let the PoolSkim do the work!  

Buy Now - $99.99, includes a clip-on bag   

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